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KK Slider
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Hello! My name is Panda! I also go by KK or Krystal. I'm an amateur artist with more concept/story ideas than motivation to act on and now that I think about it... I pretty much only have motivation to draw trashy fan art as much as I would like to create an empire of original stories/comics ect. >.> I'm super lame but I love talking about Science Fiction and OTPs and conspiracies omg

My newest ID: Usagi being cute. Now that I look at it, it reminds me of 3OH!3 song 'I know how to say'

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then tell the world!

Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: Chillstep, Acoustic, Classical, Soundtrack, Dubstep, Electronica/Techno, some Hip/Hop esp. MC Melody Doll (a true queen)
Favourite style of art: All, especailly cute art or guro/horror type, or political statement pieces.
MP3 player of choice: Spica and Usagi
Favourite cartoon character: Terezi, Meulin, Zuko, Erza Scarlet, Ringo, Okami, Odd, Tobey Li, Lemongrab, Akemi Homura, Jean Kirschtein, Makoto Tachibana, Noiz, Kageyama, Asahi Azumane, Hajime Iwaizumi, Daiki Aomine, Kaneki, Mikorin, Takeo, Pyrrha, Killua, Kraehe, Umi Sonoda, Lady Satsuki, Lapis, Marco Diaz and Star Butterfly, Crystal Princess, Princess Peach, Hearthstone,
Well, okay second favorite. Halloween will always be bae lmao. BUT I love Valentines season almost as much!! And like, every year I do personal little OTP weeks or something like that to celebrate, so why not let others see what I'm up to since it could be a while until I actually get something posted here hehe. So all of the days themes are totally arbitrary and I just picked whatever and then certain days have themes like FemSlash Fridays, Rare Pair Sundays, OC Saturdays etc. I used to do Brotp Tuesdays but I'm not feeling it this year. I'll do Brotp week in March hehe

I'm also going to be updating this as I go, but I have kind of pre-selected some pairings that I love and absolutely need to worship Dedicate some time to.

Basically I'm just doing head canons and organizing a little outline of some comic/fic idea for each day that I'll eventually finish when I have more time to do so.

Week 1 
Monday: Blitzstone from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard cause wowie these two are cute. And I just really relate to Hearthstone and I want him to be happy, and I want cinnamon roll Blitz to be happy and they already make each other happy so like, date maybe?. 
And I was thinking of like, after they get together, they'd be into like, sleepy makeouts n stuff so they're ready for bed and mackin on each other and then Magnus comes crashing in and is all "Yooo you guys will never guess- oh my gods i'm so sorry" and he sprints outta there and Blitz is like "yo it isn't what it looks like! Well, ok it was kind of what it looks like, but we were going to bed soon-not like that Magnus! Shut Up!"
Tuesday: JessiRey from Star Wars the Force Awakens cause I just read the most amazing fanfic that's JessiRey and StormPilot and it's soo good!! Read it here::… My only warning is that it is hilarious, and everything I love in a solid brotp. 
Ok so consider Pillowforts with these kids. And now consider pillow forts after a whole day of visiting green planets and learning how to swim in the lakes and adventuring with each other. 
Wednesday: Solangelo from Percy Jackson cause I'm always a slut for Nico's happiness. And I have so many head canons for these two that I just had to take some time to jot them down. 
Angst time kiddos: Will Nico and Lou Ellen all go on a quest together and everything's good, they're kicking ass and taking names, and whatever and Lou Ellen is somewhat subtly making innuendos to Will who not so subtly shushes her and Nicos like ?? ok?? and whatever. Then whatever happens nd they get ambushed n Will gets stabbed and he's losing a lot of blood and Nico and Lou Ellen are really beat up, but they won n stuff and Nico's like holy shit I can't let my sunshine die, so he does some Hades power stuff to heal him but now he's bleeding real bad by taking Will's injuries for himself) and Will is like bruh, rude. N he tries to heal Nico, but both of them are too weakened for it to do any good. Does Nico die? Who knows.
Thursday: StormPilot from the Force Awakens cause that fanfic, read it again. Also Lots of cute art and stuff on tumblr. and I'm pretty sure I was fucked when Poe was like "keep it, it suits you" and I'm like, yoooo I didn't ship them at the start of the movie but I sure do ship them by the end!
I like that head canon that Finn would clean Poe's room spotless if they roomed together or something cause the First Order would have gotten them in so much trouble for it, and Poe is like, aw baby no it's not like that here, and they learn together about letting loose n stuff .idk
FEMSLASH FRIDAYS: Kiyoyachi from Haikyuu cause they're pretty and cute and the loveliest of angels. They are the definition of a perfect relationship, and a cute domestic couple that learns new skills together. ugh they're too precious for words!!
Ok but consider a College!AU where Kiyoko is a really gorgeous RA and Yachi is her freshman resident, and she keeps losing her key so Kiyoko has to keep letting her back into her dorm, and then Kiyoko makes her a special lanyard so she'll stop forgetting her key, which works! But now Yachi is too nervous to ever go talk to Kiyoko again and they're both super gay and I think I ended it with Kiyoko encouraging Yachi to be an RA next year, and they're RAs together. 
OC SATURDAYS: AnnaChris cause I really don't have a lot of OC couples that I've actually drawn, and I need more apocalypse lesbians in my life right now. Okay, and I just straight up don't have a ton of original pairings, so the Saturdays this month are going to be a little tough, esp since most of the pairings I am okay with are super slow burn and none of them have gotten together yet so that's a thing. (True in this case as well, but they're kind of skirting around each other rn where I'm at in the story)
RARE PAIR SUNDAYS: TeruDai from Haikyuu cause I like the idea of trash boy being embarrassingly head over heels for oblivious sturdy dad. And I'm still thinking about my piece for the HQ Rare Pair Exchange on Tumblr (I'm nearly done woot!) and I've been thinking more about Haikyuu rare pairs (like this one that I didn't know about until after the sign ups closed hehe)  Ok, and I was thinking either like Football player! Terushima and either Tutor!Daichi or Manager!Daichi or something like that in honor of the Superbowl. OR like a Hot Topic clerk! Terushima and FootLocker clerk! Daichi and Daichi has a scene cousin or something he's shopping for a gift for and Terushima helps him out with it and then Daichi keeps coming back to tease Teru and ask about piercings or something cause he pretends to be hardcore. 

Week 2
Monday: ShouRingo from Mawaru Penguindrum cause can I just say they're like the most unappreciated pairing in the world. I mean, Mawaru Penguindrum has fantastic art style and animation wasn't lacking very much, and the story is really interwoven (something like Beyond the Boundary's was, but even more so!) and yeah it can be confusing at first, but then everything comes together by the last few episodes and then the real sacrifices have to be made and the ending is tragic, but then it gets even more tragic in the very ending, and I just have a lot of feelings for Shouma and Ringo and their hilarious friendship turned love story. 
Weekly dose of Angst brought to you by: The exact same events of the canon, but this time it's a soulmate!AU where you see in color when you meet your soulmate, but for Shouma and Ringo, it doesn't happen right away like most people. First Ringo starts seeing colors one by one until she realizes, hey I can actually see colors wtf? and by the time the final few episodes occur, she realizes she's in love with Shouma and he loves her back and htey're soulmates and tragedy strikes and wow I love to suffer.
Tuesday: Iwaoi from Haikyuu cause I'm in love with Iwaizumi Hajime, and I'm basically Oikawa Tooru hehe, ok not really but they're perfect for each other and they're hilarious dumbasses in love with their best friend. Ok and Another Thing!! These two are my OTP of OTPs for Haikyuu, and there's never going to be enough fan art and fan fiction to satisfy my love for these aggressively affectionate sci fi nerds. 
In honor of Mardi Gras, I was thinking like, Aoba Jousai 3rd years get a senior trip together, and they go to New Orleans n a bunch of gay shenanigans go down in all the major tourist-y places and they double date matsuhana kinda.
Wednesday: Kounoi from Dramatical Murder cause I forgot how much I love the Tattoo old man and the Piercing punk-ass until I remember that Dramatical Murder exists. Another one of my all-time OTPs because bickering (read: flirting) and pranks and aggressive affection are my favorite things! Especially with their emotional baggage, it just makes all those scenes of trusting one another with that so much more powerful, while still not letting it interfere with how they treat one another. 
Aight  and I love Meet-Ugly fics so much so I'm thinking like College!AU Koujack is on the soccer team or something with Aoba as a young freshman on the team and they talk a bunch and come from the same town so they're finding solidarity in that n junk and Kou is Aobs first friend at school and then the move-in weekend happens and Kou is there handing out flyers for soccer and Fencing (He's also captain of the fencing club cause why not) and he waves to Aoba and Aoba is helping his roommate Noiz move in to their room and they're coming back for another load when Foreign exchange student!Noiz accidentally gives Koujack a bloody nose from gesturing something to Aobs and Aoba is like omg r u ok? n Koujack doesn't want to be mad at him for it so ofc he's all 'yea i'm good aoba." n whatever and Noiz totally sees thru his bs and rolls his eyes. then Later n stuff Koujaku comes up to Aoba's room to talk n whatever and Noiz answers the door and Koujaku is mortified and pissed like what r u doing here n he's all I live here biatch. And some other time Koujack comes up to Aoba's room to take him to some event for soccer or something and he's dressed all nice so Noiz tries teasing Aoba by being all hey Aobs your bf is here (Koujack is mortified but crying of happiness inside, you know up until Aoba responds ouch) N Aoba is all, my bf is back home and Noiz is mortified and looks at Koujack to see him holding in the pain and whatever dumb stuff with feelings here, and before Noiz can apologize Aoba is out the door and Kou is gone with him and idk there's drunk make outs and Noiz awkwardly chilling out in Koujacks room with his roomie Mink on a Skype call with Clear. idek its really really slow burn enemies to friends to lovers to exes to lovers again and wow I'm gay and lame.
  • Mood: Sentimental
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  • Reading: Oresteia
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