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Spoon Warrior Reference sheet by Panda-Poodle
Spoon Warrior Reference sheet
Scanned reference sheet for Spoon Warrior! Umm, Okay so copy/paste from :iconotakuliz:'s OC dissection

(I took out all the ones that don't apply to make it a little shorter!)
Basic Information:
Title: Spoon Warrior
Nicknames: Spoons, (more TBA)
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Ace
Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160lbs
Dominant Hand: both
Occupation: Hired gun(spoon?)
Former occupations: None
Place of work: Silver City
Living arrangements: above father's workshop
Hometown: Silver City
Current town of residence: Silver City

Physical Aspects:
Ethnicity: White(?)
Family line:
Mother: Lady Ladle- famous mercenary, v wealthy
Father: Sir Chopsticks- deceased, was blacksmith for village
Head and face shape: square
Hair: blonde
Eyes: silver eyes
Physical build/fitness: Very agile, has stronger legs than arms (can't really open a pickle jar, but can crush a watermelon between her thighs) mostly lower body strength. Started to work on abs but not quite there yet. Not quite noodle arms, but fairly weak, mostly uses her hips/shoulders to swing her Spoon.
Posture: Her armor forces her back straight, but when she isn't wearing it she slouches horrifically.
Voice: Has a fairly deep(?) voice for a girl, but still sounds like a lady (think Arryn Zech or Linda Cardellini) she has a distant way of speaking, but with people she knows well she can be very animated.
Accessories: Spoon (weapon/shield), more TBA

Education level: In schooling she has about the equivalent to a high school diploma.
Occupational training: For about 3 years under her mother before she became old enough to go to the academy.
Musical training: none
Combat training: 3 years with mother, 6 years with academy.
Street training: Slang, lots and lots of slang
Hobbies: Cooking, mending armor, forging weapons and silverware
Collections: Spoons, stickers, blankets
Very good at: Fighting, strategy, forging
Very bad at: Swimming, dealing with fear/anger, speaking to others,
Prized possessions: Giant Spoon (she won't admit it but a deformed giraffe plushie her mother tried to sew for her)
Family heirlooms: the Giant Spoon is made from the melted silver of her mother's Giant Ladle, forged by her father

Personality Information:
Character keywords: Realistic, curt, sensitive, caring, proud, germaphobic, prudent,
Joys: Winning, armor, cuddling,
Fears: Swimming, ShadowMonster, getting sick
Coping mechanisms—sorrow/loss: Bottles up her despairs, won't talk about it unless she's at a breaking point and even then she lies a little to whomever she tells.
Coping mechanisms—physical pain: Grimaces, but doesn't want to show too much weakness. Cries when nobody is around.
Coping mechanisms—humiliation: Tries to reason and justify her actions/reaction. Lots of blushing and spluttering.
Coping mechanisms—trauma: Shuts down completely. Cannot function at all, freezes up.
Coping mechanisms—heartache: Bottles it up even tighter than her despairs, slightly embarrassed
Optimist, pessimist or realist: Realist
Extravert or Introvert (E or I): Introvert
Intuitive or Sensing (N or S): Intuitive
Thinking or Feeling (T or F): Feeling
Judging or Perceiving (J or P): “Judging” here does not mean judgmental. “Judging” types are the kinds of people who make lists, plan things out in advance, and organize people and events. They do not necessarily like making decisions, they simply feel uneasy when a decision has not been made—they hate when things feel open-ended or incomplete. Last-minute schedule changes that affect premade plans and decisions often cause stress.
Love Language: Gentle touches and quality time.
Idiosyncrasies (Verbal): Uses lots of slang so she seems impolite, apologises a lot to people she doesn't know/clients
Idiosyncrasies (Physical): Expressive eyebrows in particular, but generally expressive face and stoic body.
Nervous habits: Peeling skin off her hands and biting the insides of her mouth
Other idiosyncrasies: Has to polish the Giant Spoon at least once a day with antibacterial stuff.

Trivial Preferences:
Alcohol tolerance: none
Sweet, sour, bitter, or salty: Loves sweet food, poker-faced for spicy, detests bitter and only likes salty chips
Odd likes: stickers (they have no use in Silver City so why would anyone collect those?)
Pet peeves: Clicking one's tongue, watching one bite their nails, being told to shower
Time most awake: Evenings and nights is very alert since most monsters come out at night
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite colors: Pink, lilac, periwinkle
Favorite weather: Overcast, but no wind/rain ect
Favorite kinds of people: Honest, to-the-point but still sweet, cuddlers, strong in battle, humble
Favorite foods: Cakes, brownies, ect
Favorite drinks: Plain water
Favorite places: Her dad's old workshop, (more TBA)
Musical preferences: Violin
Clothing preferences: Armor
Literary preferences: None
Weapons preferences: Spoons
Travel preferences: On foot
Most relaxing activities/surroundings: Sleeping, talking with her friends

Greatest character virtues: Dependable, kind, caring, prudent, sensitive,
Greatest character flaws: Proud, jealous, temper, back-handed(she doesn't like to be worse than anyone in certain fields so she observes their technique and faults and practices more/better so she can be better than them even if nobody else knows/cares), sensitive,
Tragic flaw: Pride: She won't back down or ask for help in any quest that doesn't specify the need for multiple partners and doesn't like to admit that she needs help sometimes.
Situational reaction—virtues: She is obedient to certain people whom she looks up to and is very compliant in doing just what they ask.
Situational reaction—flaws: The less human a creature looks the more racist she can be against them.
Self or Others: When it comes down to it she'd move mountains for the people she loves, but may not have the motivation to push a pebble for herself.

Family wealth: Fairly wealthy, owns 2 homes.
Family friends: TBA
Immediate family: Mother
Relationships with family: Not bad, but she views her mother as a historical figure moreso than a guardian.
Current friends: Fork Knight, Butter Knife, Nakasha
Childhood friends:
Current acquaintances: Bagel Queen, Prophetess Pekoe, Steak Knife,
Childhood acquaintances: Steak Knife,
Current enemies: Pinecone Witch, Hummus Monster, Potato Salad Monster, Mashed Potatoes Monster, Lord Steak, more TBA
Childhood enemies: TBA
Current employer: Knights of the DinnerTable Mercenaries
Current co-workers: Fork Knight, Butter Knife, Steak Knife, more TBA
General relationships with towns and countries: She feels a duty to her town, although most people in town view her as the daughter of Lady Ladle and not her own mercenary.

General History: TBA
Interpersonal History: TBA
Situational Behavior: TBA [Sometimes it helps to just create a scenario, throw your character in, and see what he does. For example, this is a short one I wrote up for Kenji, a character I’ve had in my head since I was eight years old and for whom I first wrote this dissection years ago: “At the dinner table: Have you ever heard of utensils? / Your sleeve is NOT a napkin / Well, at least he “compliments” the chef (by burping)… / …After eating the family out of house and home.”

Goals—Ultimate and In-Story:
Short-term goals in-story: Become the best Warrior in the KoDT
Long-term goal in-story: Defeat the monster her mother couldn't
Childhood goals: TBA
Life-long goals: Make a new name for herself in the town, overcome living in her mother's shadow
Romantic goals: Strives for none
Relational goals: Strives for none
Family goals: Maybe a kid, but more likely a dog.
Revenge goals: TBA
Art Block Cure To Do
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206 deviations
Crows Abound by Panda-Poodle
Crows Abound
I am Haikyuu trash and proud.Them eyebrows

My sketch book is just the right amount of too-big to be so frustrating to scan. It's literally a centimeter to wide and two centimeters too tall, so I just Spaz out  On another note, this took me a really long time to colour so it's also really old, but I'm a weeaboo shipper and need more nerds being fluffy in my life.
I went to Nan Desu Kan this weekend and I'm still fairly excited :iconloveloveplz: I had a lot of fun, and I went to a lot more panels this year than in previous years! I was also way more social this year than pretty much every other year! :iconladies-plz: I'm actually really proud of myself for that!!! Especially since I'm even more shy in person than on the internet... But I actually cosplayed this year! Even though NDK2014 is my fifth convention, it's been a year of firsts for me :iconyoyocici2plz:

:bulletgreen: FRIDAY :bulletgreen:
I actually put on most of my Jean Kirschtein before going to school which wasn't so bad. I just got a lot of questions mostly about my hair haha :iconembarrasedplz: I left straight from my 6th hour 'walking' class to get the remainder of my junk packed for the weekend. The SnK photoshoot was at 4:30 so I was in a bit of a rush, and plus my Marco (sodapop771) was waiting for me at the convention all day! The photoshoot went by really well and I'll pretty much be posting all of my convention pictures on my other account CommunistFireworks through this week. I ended up going through artists alley a million times scoping out the fanart for series that I knew and (of course) love. I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of No Game No Life prints that I saw (as well as the cosplayers for it!) since I didn't think it was that popular of an anime! Anyways, I met up with hikari2358 and ladyoftheseaaaaaaaaa and we went to a 90's AMV panel which was fun and we wound up in the JPop Dance event. I was super tired so my dancing was sub-par :iconmonkeyshyplz: but I still had a lot of fun that day!

:bulletblue: SATURDAY :bulletblue:
My SnK shoes were killing me (they're a size too small) but at least they weren't heels! I carried my blue vans around the con in my Bodyline Star purse so I could walk to get food without my feet dying or getting caught in the middle of the cross walk after the light thing changes since I'm sooooo slow in heels!!! :iconorzplz: But my loli was cute a f :icondivaplz: And of course so were my bff's cosplays ;p I went with one of my friends to the Naruto photoshoot and I have a bunch of photos from that (I take doubles of nearly all pics so photoshoots take me forever to weed out). Between dodging the horde leader, or conga line guy, and resting my poor feet I managed to make it into the Dealer's Room. Although I spent more in the Dealer's Room than usual, I found there wasn't that many merch items I was craving so it was my one and only trip inside. There was close to no Haikyuu, Free, Dramatical Murder or Kill la Kill in the Dealers room so I managed to get what I could find. :icononionemocornerplz: The lolita boutique was, as always, gorgeous!!! They had my dream dress in Pink in the store, but I obviously couldn't afford it :icondesucryplz: My friends and I kept missing the panels we wanted to go see but my friends dressed as L and Light went home to change into Marco and Sakura (respectively) and I went back to my room to change into my Jean so we could tear it up at the Masquerave.

:bulletpink: SUNDAY :bulletpink:
The most social day of my life thus far! :iconyoyociciplz: We vacated the hotel room very Early, like 8-9am to beat the stampede of the others trying to check out and my friends had yet to arrive so I walked around the Artists Alley and actually bought a lot of the prints and other loot I had been contemplating earlier days. I didn't see the artist selling all the Haikyuu prints until after I bought a NGNL and KLK print and buttons which was devastating since they were like, the only artist selling Haikyuu :iconyoyocryplz: Alas, I thought if I came back later after making sure the exact amount I had left I could buy something but they were packed up and gone by the time I came back :iconelizablushcryplz: I had sat and spoke with a girl with a HUGE sketchbook for a while before I needed to stretch my legs so I walked around some more and ran into a friend of mine from school. I hung out with her friends until their line started moving into the panel and then finally I ran into some lolitas from the Colorado Community who were presh. I actually went into the Harajuku Fashion panel with them :iconcblushplz: They showcased the newest Angelic Pretty dress and print that's coming out in October and it's so gorgeous! I don't normally like the darker coloured loli dresses but the new one in Wine Red might just be my new Dream Dress! :iconsobeautifulplz: It's a really cute hat too! The theme is kind of Marching Band-esque and cute as heck. Uguuu I want one sooo badddd! :iconfoxcryplz: And after the panel I finally met up with my friends!! We went to a Legend of Zelda photoshoot and I guess suddenly all the Zeldas we saw earlier disappeared! I swear Gannondorf kidnapped all of them while the Links were busy getting ready for the photoshoot :iconlonkplz: We watched a cute anime in the Viewing room called Is the Order a Rabbit and that seemed cute so I'll have to watch more! My sister and I made a pit stop at Noodles n Co. on our way out of the convention area. We were going to just eat and go but we met a really cool group there and ended up talking to them for a while which was really interesting! I didn't have a lot of input though since they mostly talked about anime dub and conventions outside Colorado, both of which I have little to no experience with.

:bulletyellow: I'm still in convention mindset and I get really excited when I get to talk to cosplayers at the convention on media sites. So far I made contact with an Aoba and Cardcaptor Sakura :iconshaplz:
  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Five Nights at Freddy's - Living Tombstone
  • Reading: Ao no Exorcist
  • Watching: Is the Order a Rabbit
  • Playing: Okamiden


Kai Pop
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! My name is Panda! I also go by Kandle, Krystal, K, Kai, Krys, Amber, Krystopher, and KK. I like to spend my time watching Kpop videos or funny videos on Youtube, Tumbling, dancing, and singing. At school, my favourite classes are jogging and Language Arts, although I am very good at math and science. I am quite shy so therefore I am almost never one to initiate contact or a conversation no matter how much I would like to.

My newest ID: Usagi being cute. Now that I look at it, it reminds me of 3OH!3 song 'I know how to say'

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then tell the world!

Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Kpop, Rock,Jrock, sometimes Metal, Dubstep, Electronica/Techno, Hip/Hop
Favourite style of art: All, especailly cute art or art with really good messages. Really heart wrenching art is also pretty to me.
Operating System: MAC or AlienWare
MP3 player of choice: Spica and Usagi
Favourite cartoon character: Terezi, Zuko, Boris, Erza, Ringo, Okami, Odd, Tobey, Lemongrab, Homura, Jean, Kagami, Makoto, Noiz, Kageyama, Aomine, Kaneki,

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