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KK Slider
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United States
Hello! My name is Panda! I also go by KK or Krystal. I like to spend my time watching Kpop videos or funny videos on Youtube, Tumbling, dancing, crocheting, and singing. I am quite shy so therefore I am not really one to initiate contact or a conversation no matter how much I would like to but I'm always happy to talk!! ^v^

My newest ID: Usagi being cute. Now that I look at it, it reminds me of 3OH!3 song 'I know how to say'

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then tell the world!

Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: K/pop, J/rock, sometimes Metal, Dubstep, Electronica/Techno, some Hip/Hop esp. MC Melody Doll (a true queen)
Favourite style of art: All, especailly cute art or guro/horror type, or political statement pieces.
MP3 player of choice: Spica and Usagi
Favourite cartoon character: Terezi, Zuko, Boris, Erza, Ringo, Okami, Odd, Tobey, Lemongrab, Homura, Jean, Kagami, Makoto, Noiz, Kageyama, Aomine, Kaneki, Mikorin,
Omg I love secret exchange events :la: Big shout out to :icongiogiorno: for hosting one this year uwahhh

Okay I have so many OTPs I think just choosing a few of them will be the death of me, but in respect for my poor (and darling) Secret Cupid(?) I'll try my darndest.

Starting with my OCs, I realize I have no recent art of any of them so I apologize ahead of time for any horrors you might see. '>.>
In no particular order
1) Cyrus and Collin are kind of my go-to couple, one of the few established relationships I have in my oc menagerie.
Hold it Like This by Panda-Poodle Collin:Collin redesign by Panda-PoodleCyrus:As Much As I Love You I Really Hate You by Panda-Poodle Personalities: Cyrus is very quiet and doesn't multitask well. He prefers to give his all in one area and slack in others, and he likes relaxed activities. He can't handle sweet food and prefers bitter food. He doesn't show many emotions, and most emotions he does show are subtle. Collin is a friendly outgoing person but he usually minds his own business. He's very athletic and he often gets misunderstood as a bully to smaller kids in his school but he's awkward enough that he wouldn't try to correct the rumors. Collin is gentle and sweet with Cyrus and their relationship is mostly fluffy cutesy stuff.

2) Okay, so my Spoon Warrior and Juice;s Fork Knight aren't actually a couple but any Implied romance would be really cute!
The Meeting by Panda-Poodle Spoon Warrior:Spoon Warrior Reference sheet by Panda-Poodle And I'm so sorry I don't have a fullbody Fork Knight yet! I actually just need to color one of my other drawings of them and then it'll be a kind of reference point??
Personalities: Spoons is calm and efficient at her job, she practices diligently and can be a little cold but she's known Fork for a while and around him she is very relaxed and a bit slobbish. Fork Knight is a dweeb. He's really smart but he isn't very strong or good at fighting and most of his intelligence comes out in off-handed comments or musings (and his vocabulary since he has been formally educated where Spoons has not) and he can be fairly lazy. He is especially protective over his prongs/spiked hair and gets upset if they are bent. With Spoons he tries appear really cool but he relaxes more when they are alone and he is warm and caring.

3) Spica and Ouji
The Masquerade by Panda-Poodle Summertime by Panda-Poodle Ohmygosh I haven't really drawn either of these two in a straight up picture in years oh gosh. Umm, well more references... Spica:I Can't Let it Get to Me by Panda-Poodle and Ouji (I don't have drawings of him on this site but here;s a link to him in the comic I draw... >.>)… the darker blue one omg I'm sorry. Also, I'm thinking of re-designing Spica a little, not too noticeably, but she;s wayy too thin for what she eats and how much she works out so I'm thinking I'll add a little more chub to her belly and thighs.
Personalities: Spica is really optimistic and excitable. Although she acts really confident, she is very vulnerable to mean words and such. She generally is hard to fool but she gets very star-struck around other big celebrities like Ouji . Ouji on the other hand is a bit more calculating although he's not hard to manipulate. He's a womanizer and likes to fool around while Spica craves a strong fluffy romance. Their relationship can be described as fluffy and cute moreso on Spica's side and while Ouji can be fluffy he is also more mischievous than Spica.

4)Umm, Brendan and Ulrich? I really don't have many OC pairings now that I think about it...
Please Be Okay by Panda-Poodle Ulrich: Ulrich WIP by Panda-Poodle(he has the brown coat in the other pic) Brendan is seen carrying him. And wow I have like no references of them for you I'm sososososo sorry!! Personalities: Brendan has a lot of social anxiety but around Ulrich he plays it off as narcissism. Ulrich is a very private and shy kid, but they can read people easily and while they may not trust anyone completely right away they give them the benefit of the doubt. Their relationship had started off professionally enough, Ulrich is a hired gun who is hired by Brendan to help him overthrow a dictatorship lmao this sounds really stupid now that I think about it OTL Then they warm up to one another and Ulrich is very sweet and giggly while Brendan finds it easy to tease them and joke around. Because of the nature of their situation they are both protective of one another. Ulrich gets really shy about affection while Brendan likes to kind of push on that boundary a little.

Okay, so while I prefer art of my OCs I need more Kounoi, Asanoya, Iwaoi and Shouringo. Those pairings aren't popular at all so finding new art of them is a godsend. I do prefer fluff ;) For people who don't know Dramatical Murder, Haikyuu or Mawaru Penguindrum, drawing OC's is just perfect! I like Koujaku x Noiz to be more fluffy and cute (although some good-natured teasing is totally fine!). I love the height difference and contrasting personalities of Asahi and Nishinoya, especially with Noya being a smug little dork. Now, I've seen some art of Oikawa and Iwaizumi as really mean and unhealthy and I don't like that at all!! >:( I really prefer them as understanding best friends gone boyfriends. (Bonus points for flustered Oikawa) Then lastly, and probably my most obscure OTP, Ringo Oginome and Shouma Takakura. The build of their relationship in the anime was beautiful and that's basically all I need of them :iconpapcryplz:

Thank you so much for reading through this!
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  • Reading: House of Hades
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