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Have a look at these babies~


KK Slider
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! My name is Panda! I also go by KK or Krystal. I like to spend my time watching Kpop videos or funny videos on Youtube, Tumbling, dancing, crocheting, and singing. I am quite shy so therefore I am not really one to initiate contact or a conversation no matter how much I would like to but I'm always happy to talk!! ^v^

My newest ID: Usagi being cute. Now that I look at it, it reminds me of 3OH!3 song 'I know how to say'

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then tell the world!

Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: K/pop, J/rock, sometimes Metal, Dubstep, Electronica/Techno, some Hip/Hop esp. MC Melody Doll (a true queen)
Favourite style of art: All, especailly cute art or guro/horror type, or political statement pieces.
MP3 player of choice: Spica and Usagi
Favourite cartoon character: Terezi, Zuko, Boris, Erza, Ringo, Okami, Odd, Tobey, Lemongrab, Homura, Jean, Kagami, Makoto, Noiz, Kageyama, Aomine, Kaneki,
Secret Santa wish list for :iconcandycane-lane:, :iconsecret-santa-2014:, :iconsecretsantaproject: and the Secret Santa event that :iconstrxbe: is hosting. (EDIT:: So I caved and joined another haha Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] ) ((also sorry about all the info/junk cause each Secret Santa event has different requirements for what we need to include in these >.>))
I really like art of my OCs so if I could ask pretty please of my ss to draw any of these baes?? :heart: u

Aight so I'm like, in love with my Spoon Warrior so pics of her would be fantastic
Her bio/character sheet Here:Spoon Warrior Reference sheet by Panda-Poodle and I'll have more with her and Fork Knight coming up soon. Also any implied SpoonXFork would be cute when I eventually get the pictures of them up.
EDIT: More references!! The Meeting by Panda-Poodle (with Fork Knight)
Personalities: Spoons is calm and efficient at her job, she practices diligently and can be a little cold but she's known Fork for a while and around him she is very relaxed and a bit slobbish. Fork Knight is a dweeb. He's really smart but he isn't very strong or good at fighting and most of his intelligence comes out in off-handed comments or musings (and his vocabulary since he has been formally educated where Spoons has not) and he can be fairly lazy. He is especially protective over his prongs/spiked hair and gets upset if they are bent. With Spoons he tries appear really cool but he relaxes more when they are alone and he is warm and caring.

Any of these babes: Galaxy Swirled Icecream by Panda-Poodle
Personalities:Karma (pink shirt) is outgoing and flamboyant. If she's in the room you know she's there, she's mischievous but has a sweet southern hospitality to her despite living in Washington her whole life. She loves to dance especially ballet but is very insecure about her weight as a ballerina although she lets everybody think she doesn't care about any appearances.
Garrett (blonde) is a timid quiet type. He loves his friends fiercely and does what he can to help them. He's been friends with Karma for years and they have they type of relationship where you can't tell if they're siblings or lovers. He loves to draw and his sketchbooks are filled with drawings of his friends doing what they each love.
Antonio (middle) is outgoing and before his accident was very popular. He's mute now and still holds a lot of self-hate but prefers for people to think he's vain and proud of it. He won't wear his glasses outside his house but he's blind as heck and gets into many fights with Mary-Amber. He was a protective older twin when he still had his sister.
Mary-Amber (redhair) is a trouble maker. She never thinks anything through which had some dire consequences before and she shouldn't be trusted with important responsibilities. She likes crocheting but never keeps anything she makes. She's more of a loner but thinks that these friends are the most tolerable people on the planet.
Jungkar (Blue hair) is even more quiet than Garrett. You probably wouldn't notice him even if he was standing right next to you, a complete opposite of Karma. He doesn't open up quickly and keeps his speech very professional. His emotions never show unless he's in the kitchen cooking. He gets nervous easy and prefers quiet spaces but doesn't mind Karma. She's his exception. And she makes the conscious effort to accommodate to his level of comfort too.

These two nerds either cuddling on the couch or whatever else is cute: Hold it Like This by Panda-Poodle (more references Cyrus:As Much As I Love You I Really Hate You by Panda-Poodle Collin:Collin redesign by Panda-Poodle)
Personalities: Cyrus is very quiet and doesn't multitask well. He prefers to give his all in one area and slack in others, and he likes relaxed activities. He can't handle sweet food and prefers bitter food. He doesn't show many emotions, and most emotions he does show are subtle. Collin is a friendly outgoing person but he usually minds his own business. He's very athletic and he often gets misunderstood as a bully to smaller kids in his school but he's awkward enough that he wouldn't try to correct the rumors. Collin is gentle and sweet with Cyrus and their relationship is mostly fluffy cutesy stuff.

I have a lot of choices to choose from but variety is always nice right??

Choice4) (my last one I swear!)
If my lovely ss is an anthro artist then I would like to ask for Himilaya School Days by Panda-Poodle in these Holiday clothes Himilaya and Serenity by Panda-Poodle (oh god its so old and ugly I'm sorry) and watching snow fall from inside (either alone or at a Holiday Party is cool with me)
Personality: Himilaya is a schoolteacher so she's motherly in some ways and very responsible. She doesn't really have much of a social life and tries to convince herself that she likes spending time alone and most of the time it doesn't bother her but she gets lonely from time to time. She's tomboy-ish and a bit gruff but is gentle/sweet with kids (maybe something like Gordon Ramsay haha okay maybe not) She has a lot of muscle and strength but hardly uses it save for lifting kids and books.

Thank you so much!! With love,
  • Mood: Insecure
  • Listening to: Walk on By - Noosa
  • Reading: Ao no Exorcist
  • Watching: Yowapeda
  • Playing: Okamiden

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